Your job search found 267 Software Development Jobs in ….

I login to the most popular job seekers’ portal in Australia (yes as popular as google when it comes to search engines). I tried to search for software development jobs and to my surprise

The search results show

Your job search found 267 Software Development and Engineering Jobs in Perth, WA.

Imagine if a smaller city like Perth with very few IT companies has so many jobs listed then there would be far more jobs advertised in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. And more often than not 60% of the jobs are not even advertised. So the big question which many immigrants who are struggling to find a job would have, “When there are so many vacant positions, then why am I not even being called for an interview?”

Although I am no expert and I have absolutely no contacts with any of the recruitment agencies but I am writing this article after my own struggle and experiences with finding a job.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry while submitting your application.

I am a web developer and the moment I find any web related technologies in the job advertisement, I am tempted to submit my resume. That’s the natural instinct of most of the job seekers.

Tip: Read the job advertisement carefully and look for more specific skills and experiences the employer is looking for. Although you might not have them all but at least you can modify or update your resume according to the job requirement.
With your resume, follow a similar approach; emphasize elements of your work history that specifically address the position requirements.

  1. Focus on the introduction or a cover letter.

Culturally, in India we never pay too much attention towards writing a good intro or a nice elaborate cover letter. For job applications in western countries it is definitely a pre-requisite.

Tip: For example, if the position requires that you manage a team then use a phrase like “In my current role, I manage a team of five people” in the cover letter rather than relying on the employer discovering it in your resume.

  1. Don’t ignore your overseas experience.

While applying for a job new immigrants always pay too much attention to their local work experience. Although I agree that it is a mandatory requirement but adding your overseas experience and working styles can be a definite plus.

Tip: In today's global market, companies are always looking for people who are experienced in working with different cultures. Remember, being able to relate to and understand people from other cultures is a great skill to have!

There’s always a first time for everything. If this is your first regular job and you don’t know what to put in the work experience or history, be creative in writing your resume fill it with volunteer work, online courses, short-term employment and consulting assignments.

  1. Technical jargon

Don’t use too much of technical jargon in your resume such that your setting the expectations very high. Keep it simple and straight forward and relevant to the position applying.

Tip: Even though you might be a hard core developer and have skills matching an architect level but there is always a risk of being rejected as over qualified. Try to strike the right balance by emphasizing but not over emphasising.

Use the right keywords in your resume so it gets past beyond the screen readers.
And once you’re able to get to the actual interview, just focus on one thing,
“Make them like you”.

And how do you do that? My favourite, follow the 3 H’s

Be Humble, Honest and show that you are Hardworking. HHH

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