What’s your story? – The simple truth about finding a job!

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.” 
― Langston Hughes

There are many stories about job search and how each one of us ended up in the place we are, will be an interesting story to hear!

Whether you’ve just migrated from overseas or have been living here for a while, finding a job these days can take a lot of effort and time. It can be a nerve wracking experience for sure and it’s likely that most of us have given up half way through.

Today’s blog post is a compilation of the simple answers which are true stories, thoughts & insights as told by my friends and colleagues when I asked them this one question,
“How did you get your job?”

And here goes the list…

How Did You Get Your Job?

"I think the C.V is the first step to put ourselves in the markets.
CV should be professional and not more than 3-4 pages

Once you’ve addressed the CV correctly, find the best agencies and register with them. You should be registering with at least 3-4 agencies and keep calling them every 2 days until they feel that you are very desperate in finding a job.

My approach would be to have local experience for at least 2-3 years,  for every 2 years try to change your job as this can help in gaining more experience and more pay and also gives us the opportunity to learn more."

Malini from finance sector

"I would say, do as many interviews as you can. I always seem to perform the best after the third or fourth interview simply because I have had a couple of run throughs already.

My own rule of thumb for finding a new job then is to apply for as many jobs as I can, even if my skills don't match and especially if it is a job that I know I am unlikely to take even if I was offered, because I know interviewing for those jobs will be a great practice for the job I really do want."

Java Developer from Perth

" From my experience, I would say,

  • Local experience in any field – Being in a new country, this helps to get over the culture shock and help you blend with the locals.
  • Negotiable in terms of place, wages – Adaptability. Sometimes doing some voluntary work helps you long term
  • Confidence and willingness
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn new stuff quickly.
  • One excellent reference from your previous employer."

Deepa from QA & Testing

My story:

"The company, for which I have worked for more than 6 years in India, has agreed for me to continue in the same job here in Perth on a 3-month contract.
That was still an initial break to get some local experience for me, so I had agreed and came over to Perth with my family. After 2 months of joining, I started searching for other jobs through websites like seek .Lastly one of my colleagues in the old company has suggested that his wife's company are looking for people and if interested he would forward my resume and give his wife's reference. I did send my resume with her reference, attended the interview and got through the job.

Indu from IT

"Initially my job trails in Australia started with friends forwarding my profile within their company. Few of them called me for an interview but due to the global financial crisis around that time, no one was confident that they could offer me a job.

Later I have applied hundreds of jobs through seek.com.au and my career .com.au.
Finally the day came where I had three client and three consultant interviews.  After a few days I was told that I got selected for two jobs and I have chosen HP.  I feel the interview process is a bit different in Australia. Companies here check the attitude of an employee rather than the technical knowledge.

In my view personal reference and Online job websites are the best way to get a job."

Technical Consultant, (IT ) Perth

From the comments & feedback above, I would summarize it as

One good employment reference + 1 lead to job = job offers !!!

What’s your story? Share it with us at australiacalling.com.au

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