What makes an employer choose you over the others?


 Recently, I received a comment on my blog from an anonymous reader which read….

“Waking up every day with 'sorry you’re unsuccessful at this stage' mails could never be
more disappointing for an active job seeker. How do recruiters expect to get local experience
if they are not willing to give a first break? I am so discouraged to apply for jobs any further
because I don't know the reason for my previous unsuccessful applications. A professionally
done resume` is also not helping me.I don't know what’s happening but I am in utter state despair…”

This comment definitely touched my heart and prompted me to write a blog post in
continuation to my previous post, how to find a job with no local experience in Australia.

Winning against all odds and to keep going no matter what, is a hero’s job. Not all of us can be heroes and nor do we need to be. All that we need to have is little bit more patience and a lot of courage.
It sure is a nerve wracking experience to be on the hot seat and being drilled down on your core technical and inter-personal skills. While I agree that it’s not easy, at the same time, it’s not something that’s unachievable.

I’ve recently attended 2 job interviews. While I was successful in one and was offered a job, I got rejected in the second one.

So when both the jobs are similar in nature what makes me to be a preferred candidate in job 1 and not a preferred candidate at job no 2?

Although it sounds to be a cliché but being at the right place at the right time is definitely true to some extent.

While most people would argue that having great self-confidence, sound technical knowledge and good presentation skills will definitely fetch you a job, there is something else which is equally important.
Although I agree that having all of the above will definitely make you to the shortlist for a job but the one final step which helps you get a job is an employment reference. If there are 2 preferred candidates for a particular job, after doing some research I got to know that the candidate with a good employment reference is preferred over the other.

So that explains why most of the qualified engineers and computer science graduates after landing in Australia, are in an utter state of despair and often feel that there is no way out of this situation.
Again, if this is my first job how can anyone expect an employment reference?


1. Keep the expectations low when you start fresh:
I would strongly recommend trying to be an intern at a reputed organization in your field. I know that being experienced and qualified you might not feel motivated to work as a volunteer or intern but given that it is the best possible way to get exposed to the Australian work culture and to get some good references and contacts there is absolutely no harm in giving it a go.

2. Gain the trust of your clients/customers and prove your caliber:
Do some part time or free-lance works by registering for your own ABN number and create your own work. Once you have something concrete and a good employment reference to show to employers, that’s when you should actually start applying for jobs.
Once your clients/customers like your work they will automatically refer you to few others.

3. Working in a field other than your's might be an option till you find a job in your own field:
No job is small or less that’s the best thing while living abroad so do not hesitate to take up a small job and it might not necessarily be in your own field.

I know people often think that it’s always easy to give suggestions but trust me we have
all been through this road before reaching here. Each one of us has faced our own share of hardships initially. For that matter if someone tells you that they found a job without any effort and they got selected in the first job interview they ever applied, then 90 % of the times that’s not true :) .

Again the key is do not lose hope and keep trying. We are living in the times of company mergers, global economic downfall and outsourcing so it’s only natural for the job markets to keep fluctuating very often. People who have jobs today might be out of work tomorrow. As long as you’re confident and believe in yourself success will definitely follow sooner or later, as it has no other option but to follow you :)

Some useful resources for job search that helped me;


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  1. Latha February 21, 2013 at 3:58 pm Reply

    As always u ROCKed with ur blog.. Your blogs R sure to inspire ppl.. Keep up the good work.. :)

    • Neelima February 21, 2013 at 9:37 pm Reply

      Thank you Latha. Someday I will be nominating you a special subscriber as you are on a 5 start rating as of now, as you never miss to open my newsletter. If I am still continuing to write that’s only because I know I have few readers like you ;) Thanks for your comment and support.


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