Welcome to India…

Kids enjoying a rickshaw ride in India...

After spending hours on the aeroplane, now I am in India. My home country! I was sure this would be a trip of my lifetime.
I had only few days and so many things to do. Two weddings to start with, catching up with friends, relatives and of course so much shopping and not to forget eating to do….

I felt like I am here living life, enjoying, having fun and as if I’ll never be here again, I was anxious to dive deep and indulge myself without wasting a single moment.

For once I had no time for checking email, or updating my status on Facebook.

I only have ten days…


Ten days later and back at my desk (at work).There was no other noise (unlike in India) except the clickati-click  of the keyboard and the clock ticking on the wall.

I looked around. Everyone looked engrossed in their wok. I felt like I had left behind the most interesting or the most beloved people that I will ever know. I felt as though I was sitting next to complete strangers with nothing in common. I couldn’t talk about the pani puri’s I had on the streets or the bike ride with my friends, or the loud ostentatious weddings I attended.

I decided I will still make an attempt. And that’s when I invited everyone for a lunch with Indian curries. And then, I noticed that some enthusiasm and conversations about my India trip had started. Excitement, surprise and when I showed the pictures from my trip, they just wanted to hear more n more about it.

Everyone loved the food and to my surprise there was no one in the team who said “We don’t want to try this” or “This is too spicy”. They only had good things to say about my food and were surprised that I could manage to cook so well and that too for so many people.

I realised, no matter how different people are we can still connect with them. Just need to keep searching for common factors.

“Sometimes we give up and feel like failures. But little do we realize that we’re just succeeding at being ourselves”

Well, all that talking about my India trip actually made me think….

Am I missing my home country so much?  I started to look at the Calender to check when the next holidays were so I could plan my trip to India.

While I was trying to convince myself that another holiday is not far away, without realising I had sown the seed for the question I had in my mind for a very long time.

Do I want to move back to India for good? Well, maybe I do…., maybe I will someday.
Changing the nationality on the passport doesn’t make me Australian does it? :) I will still be an Indian at heart for the rest of my life…

The world is waiting. Now it’s your turn to share your story. Do you want to move back too?

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