Two sides of a coin

"For it to be fruitful & purposeful, life has to be lived in companionship with the community and not in isolation." – anonymous
"It was going to be a very exciting day for 6-year old Sarah at School. But her energy levels were terribly low. Coming back to school after a whole week of being sick, Sarah had no hope that she would be able to compete in the cross-country race being held annually at their school. They have been practsting for months in preperation for today's race.
Sarah was doubtful if she should even participate in the race. She was scared that her teammates would be upset if she couldn't compete well.
The race had begun and to her surprise Sarah noticed that she was being cheered/greeted by her friends. They made sure that Sarah finished the race and didn't give up in the middle.
With everyone shouting her name Sarah felt as though she was a winner inspite of being the last one to finish the race. She was overwhelmed with joy.
That day it was a team that won! Her win was their win and as a whole it was the team spirit that made it a memorable day for everyone!
On the other side, her mother who had worked very hard all through the year , never missed a single day at work sick days were all spent at office with dozens of pain killers and panadols piled up on her desk. 
It was her final presentation day of a big project that she's been working all through the year. The one day for which she worked so hard the entire year. She received little to no support from her extended team, silently everyone was hoping that she would fail. they tried to destroy her spirit, created office rumors . It took her lot of courage to stand on her own. But she had vowed to finish the project she started. 
She went ahead with the presentation as planned, there were no mistakes with her presentation but sadly there was no appreciation or support from her team.
Deep within she started to believe that her team mates were being racist. Sarah's mom thought that she couldn't win the support of her team, as she belonged to a different country of origin.
If what the mother is facing at work is racism, then what about the warmth and affection the daughter has been receiving at school? Her team mates were all from a different country too.
The big question, "What made little Sarah get all the support she needed from her friends and what made her mum to lack that support?"
As we grow up. insecurities, jealousy, selfishness creeps in. 
Where as innocence, friendships, belonging, wanting to be loved is intact in children.  
Is it matter of race here? maybe not. Wish we could keep the qualities we have as children remain intact as we grow up. wish we could receive the same support, friendships & camraderie from our peers when we grow up too.
As they say,
"For it to be fruitful & purposeful, life has to be lived in companionship with the community and not in isolation."
The moral here would be to understand there's always two sides of a coin. It couldn't always be racism it could be the insecurities, hardships, crisis that the other person is going through.
so let's have an open mind before being judegemental.
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