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8 Important Things to do Soon after Arriving in Australia

1. Applying for a Tax File Number:

To receive an income in Australia, you need a Tax File Number (TFN). Income includes wages or salary from a job, payments from the government, and money earned from investments including interest on savings accounts.

In Australia, you can telephone the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and have a TFN application form sent to you. Alternatively, you can apply for a TFN over the internet.

The table below provides contact details for the ATO:


Telephone13 2861
Translating and Interpreting Service13 1450 – 24 Hour
Apply for a tax file number onlineOnline individual TFN registration
Visit an officeATO shopfront locations
Information in languages other than EnglishTaxation information in languages other than English


2. Open a Bank Account

In Australia, most income including salary or wages and government benefits are paid directly into a bank account.

You should open a bank account within six weeks of your arrival, as you usually need only your passport as identification. After six weeks you will need extra identification to open an account.

Further information on banking is available.
See: Smarter Banking – make the most of your money

3. Register with Centrelink

Centrelink can help you find a job, arrange for recognition of your skills and qualifications, and to access certain courses.

Centrelink can also help you with Family Assistance payments to help with the cost of raising children.

As a newly arrived migrant, you are not immediately eligible for social security (unless you are a refugee or humanitarian entrant). You do not have access to the full range of government employment services. If you are a permanent resident, you may be eligible to access some services.
The table below provides contact details for Centrelink


Centrelink contact details
For newly arrived migrants. See: Have you recently moved to Australia to settle?
Homepage See: Welcome to Centrelink
Information in other languages See: Centrelink assistance – we speak your language
How to contact Centrelink
(phone and office details)
See: Centrelink – contact details


4. Apply for Medicare

The Australian Government provides help with basic medical expenses through a scheme called Medicare. You may be eligible to join Medicare and gain immediate access to health care services and programs. These include free public hospital care, help with the cost of out-of-hospital care, and subsidised medicines.

How to enrol

To enrol in Medicare, you should go into a Medicare office 7 to 10 days after your arrival in Australia and bring your passport or travel documents. There are also many different private health insurance options you may wish to consider, as Medicare does not provide for all services.
Examples: Medicare does not cover dental care, most optical care or ambulance services.

The table below provides contact details for Medicare Australia

Medicare Australia contact details
Telephone 13 2011
In person See: Medicare Australia office locations
Homepage See: Medicare Australia
Medicare Welcome Kit
(available in other languages)
See: Medicare Australia Welcome Kit – Choose your language


5. Applying for a Driver's License

If you want to drive in Australia, you will need to have the appropriate driver's licence. In Australia, drivers' licences are issued by state and territory governments. You may be required to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test.

The table below provides contact details for each state and territory licensing authority.

State/Territory Contact Details
New South Wales (NSW) See: Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)
Victoria (VIC) See: Vic roads
Queensland (QLD) See: Licensing & registration
South Australia (SA) See: Welcome to Transport SA
Western Australia (WA) See: Licensing services
Tasmania (TAS) See: Transport – TAS
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) See: Road transport information management
Northern Territory (NT) See: Driver license


Please note: If you are a permanent resident visa holder and have a current driver's licence from another country, in English or with an official translation, in most states and territories you are allowed to drive for your first three months after arrival.

6. Applying for Jobs

If you are in Australia and looking for jobs. You will definitely have to register yourself with
The Big 5 Recruiting Companies in Australia which are.
. Manpower

• Hudson/TMP

• Adecco

• Michael Page

• Hays

You can also be looking at the job search websites and

7. Get to know Indian Communities in Perth

Obviously soon after you move to Australia you will be looking for fellow community members.
Following is the link to the Indian Associations in Perth.

8. Look For a House

Looking for a house might be the most difficult part in Perth especially with the soaring real estate prices and the shortage of houses adding up to it. It would be a good idea to share a house with a family or a friend initially and later look for a suitable house.
Following are the websites which will help you in finding accomodation in Perth.


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