If things don’t go right…go left!

Funny as it might sound from the title but sometimes there’s not much we can do if things don’t go right.

I mean what can you do if you've been a very sincere employee and never missed a day at work but rather missed your family events like birthdays, kids' school programs etc. all in the effort to progress in your career and one fine day when you wake up and rush to work, you get to know that for some stupid reason, give it to be a global economic crisis or company mergers; you lose your job for no fault of yours?

The global economic slowdown has led to many job losses around the world. More and more businesses are hitting the wall and the unemployment levels are at a record high.
On the other hand, Indian job market is better off than western countries.  With Indian economy being one of the the strongest in the world, I don’t think we ever faced a similar situation or rather feared a job loss.

But once you move to the western countries, you must be prepared to face this situation at some phase or the other in your career.

I am only grateful I went through the struggle because I have grown into a better person because of this unusual experience.

So what do we do when we are faced with a situation like this and how do we prepare ourselves?

1. Looking at Things in a Different Perspective.
    Agreed that it’s not the best thing to happen but if it does then instead of feeling sad and depressed maybe we should be grateful. Reason is, maybe coz it happenned we got this unusual experience of being prepared for the worst.

2. Regaining The Focus:
At times like this it gets really tough to regain the lost focus as we naturally tend to lose interest in everything we do.
It will take a renewed sense of composure and grace to successfully regain this lost focus.

Think of all the great people in life who were in a similar situation like for example Steve Jobs who was laid off from his own company Apple. May be this cannot be worse than that :)

3. Loosen Up:
Loosening up and not holding yourself responsible for the situation will be the best way to handle it.

4. No Expectations Policy:
When the results fall short of our expectation, we assume everything has gone wrong.
The moment you start getting into expectations mode either from work, friends or family that’ s the moment when all the pain, needs & sufferings start. No expectations whatsoever and keeping it simple at the job is the way to go!

A famous poet once said, “The capacity to terminate is a specific grace.”

This quote rings true within the many facets of our lives, including relationships, jobs and goals.

"In the end, it’s not about giving up, it can be as easy as simply moving from the right to the left and moving ahead in a different direction!"





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