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Guest Post of the Week by Geetha Davuluri!

First and foremost let me tell you that I am greatly honored that my dear cousin had asked me to contribute for the Guest Posts section of her blog

I have known Neelima all my life and would like to take this opportunity to commend her on the good work she’s been doing with her blog which is a help rather a guide to life in a foreign country.

Having been away from home (in India) for the past 10 years, US has become a more like second home to me.
Although it’s true that I got accustomed to life in the US, but at the same time it can never be compared to life back home. I must say that I have a large circle of friends and family who always helped me to feel at home.

If you ask me what I miss the most? I have tried to pen down my thoughts on what I feel is best here and what I miss the most. Perhaps this might help others make a more informed decision when considering US as a place to live.

First and foremost, being away from your comfort zone makes you get up on your own feet quickly. My stint here in the US has certainly helped me be more independent and has strengthened my belief in myself.
In India under the protective wings of your parents, you tend to take too many things for granted whereas here, taking care of yourself becomes a priority without leaning on any shoulders. In that matter US gives you the opportunity to build the confidence you need to be a stronger person and that will stay with you forever.

When comparing India to the US, one thing I must mention is the driving conditions. Driving in India is a risky adventure any day. Although I didn't feel this way before coming to the US, now that I have seen how disciplined driving can be, I understand we were doing it right back in India. It is not just from the inherent acceptance of traffic rules by the people here; the road network is very well thought of. Highways from one end of the country to the other, and the remaining areas every few miles with well set up traveler centers catering to almost everything you would need on a long drive, seamless access from one state to the other, stop overs at scenic locations on the way, all contribute to an enjoyable driving experience.

Another thing I would like about this part of the world is the diversity in cuisines available that caters to everyone. I am not a big fan of trying out new cuisines but for the ones interested, this will be another plus point. For me however the multitude of Indian eateries in almost every state is a blessing in disguise.

One thing I wish was different costs of labor. Even small things like plumbing or regular repair work all can put a deep hole in your pocket. This is definitely not the case in India. People here are more about DIY (do it yourself) because of this.

Before concluding I have to mention my absolute favorite thing in the United States – the beautiful seasons! Nature’s entire seasonal splendor that I had only read about previously, was here for me to enjoy. While spring brings you all the greenery and flowers and the promise of new life, fall brings you beautiful colored trees straight out of a painting. And then the icy white winters with the beautiful snow covered mountains and trees give immense pleasure. Definitely something that one should experience in their lifetime.

I hope these few words have given you some insight to how life is here in the United States.

I would greatly appreciate your comments and feedback on my post :)



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