Does Weather Affect an Immigrant’s Way of Life?

This 'n' That – That’s the title I initially thought of for this post as it seems to say a lot but nothing at the same time too.

Well it’s been quite some time since I wrote.
Not much that I have been up to. Just that I didn’t have the -'Write' energies.

There were many a time when the keyboard went tic- tic- tic… and all the time it also went
<BackSpace> ..<BackSpace> <BackSpace> ..
May be its insecurities and a sense of fear that kept me from hitting the publish button.

Or I can blame it on the weather. It’s been insanely cold out here and this cold is just way too much for me to handle. While some people might think, I am one of those typical Indians who haven't seen the chilly winters of Australia, but well even if I had lived here my entire life it’s still cold anyway.:)
 And as famously said winter chills are oblivious to people’s psyche and geographic locations.

On that note, today's topic, "Does Weather Affect an Immigrant’s Way of Life?”

Is cold weather dull and depressive or is it 'All in our mind' and there's actually nothing like that?

Research shows that “weather does have little effect on our mood.”

Coming from the land of sunshine, from a humid and a warm climate in India, embracing the weather here with thunder storms, snow fall and extreme winters was sure difficult initially but now it’s become a part of life and adds to the list of many things we’ve embraced while living abroad.

Ironically, while I am writing this post, Perth is being hit by a thunderstorm with the wind speeds of up to 120 kmph, The weather station on radio says, destructive winds battered by gales and torrential rain so please safe guard your home etc. etc….
Well I can hear the destructive winds, and the falling fences, and I am yet unperturbed and continuing with my writing since now I got used to it.

While it’s true that there’s not much we can do to change the weather but some immigrants who move out from India often feel depressed with the cold and wet weather and that is something that sure can and needs to be changed.

Well, we cannot change the weather anyway so let’s change our perspective about it.

Following are some of the ways to deal with the weather blues…

  • Don’t Hibernate:
    Stick to your regular schedule and don’t change your routine as it’s cold and chilly. If you’re an early starter, then continue with the same practice and do not push everything to the next hour saying its tool cold.  I’ve read that sticking to a routine will make the body and mind active.

  • Exercise:  
    No matter what the season is, exercise is a good way to keep the mood alive. Luckily you can still exercise at home if the weather does not permit. Yoga, meditation and aerobics all these can be done from the luxury of your home.

  • Get some sun while there is:
    Let’s take advantage of the sunny days. When it’s sunny it’s time to leave the computers and the gadgets and get out there in the sun. That's one way to recharge our self and maintain the higher mood."

  • Embracing the seasons:
    Instead of always avoiding the cold and the snow—look for the best that it has to offer! Take up a winter sport like ice skating, snowboarding etc.  Enjoy these opportunities while they last. Staying active will boost your energy. Seeing winter in a positive light, with all the fun activities that it has to offer, will keep your spirits high. 

A small poem, smiling in the thought of it….

We and the Seasons

When we are out there living life, We’d rather enjoy every moment of it every Season of it,
Spring as though a perfect smile 
Autumn as if it’s pearls of charm 
The Rains are but a metaphor for the showers of love 
Summer is a reflection of Sheer Radiance and Rare Brilliance 
Wish we could live… Live all of the seasons loving and enjoying forever no matter what the season! 


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  1. Pushpa July 25, 2013 at 2:19 pm Reply

    Very nice post. It's really a big thing for us to live with cold and chilly weathers. I like the perspective you advised.

  2. Neelima July 26, 2013 at 12:54 am Reply

    Thanks Pushpa :)

  3. Paula Kaur November 7, 2016 at 1:21 am Reply

    Well, weather is a part of adjustnent porcess. Before moving to Australia, just do a simple research about everything which is not common in your homeland.and the best example is the "weather" which primarily the most common for Asian's moving to other continents.
    Then again your article was great and everyone has a plan to move to Australia should read this.

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