Do they call you shy?

Good morning to my lovely readers. Yes, I am back to blogging. After being away for a while, swayed away in the roller-coaster of life, I am back to my own space.

Today I would like to talk about what every immigrant most commonly goes through especially if it’s a girl.

The risk of being stereotyped. Yes, the risk of being labeled as shy and dependent.

You might think it’s not an offense to be called shy but let me tell you if that decides who you are and what you can or cannot be then, by all means, it’s a risk to your growth.

Every job that I went to, every other person I met tells me, oh Indian girls are so shy, I would just smile it off but in my head, I always felt I should say that’s not a compliment huh?

Don’t just a book by its cover. This is my answer to all those who think we are shy :)

“She is beauty innate, a symbol of power and strength.
  She's the woman without fear, Strong in her faith and beliefs.

  She's the Durga, the Lakshmi, and the Saraswathi.
  She's today's woman, beyond the stereotypes.”

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