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Stop searching the world for treasure. The real treasure is in you. (Pablo Valle)

At this time, few years ago, I was in India, doing the daily rounds to colleges, attending computer courses, making plans to move to US
As the famous quote goes, “Men make plans and gods laugh!” Australia was never a place that was on my cards and here I am living in Australia and writing a blog about the life here, as it happens.

The 5 years that I’ve been in Australia, being far from those I’m meant to be closest to, the isolation, the fear of starting afresh in a new country and most of all the inexperience and lack of knowledge made me seek out for help. I spent hours on the internet to find help about the small details that were like a huge battle for me when I first landed in my now home Perth, Western Australia.

All the while when I was struggling and entangled in the unexplained situations and issues, I would secretly wish that someday I would start my own blog where I would address all of these and hopefully that will be a guide to new immigrants coming to Australia or for that matter a guide for anyone living abroad.

Five years since I moved, like a bird out of the nest who doesn’t know how to fly, I set out on my blogging journey. I am happy that I am successful in taking the first few steps ahead although I believe I still have miles to go from here…

A few steps ahead…

I’ve been receiving lot of good response for my blog. A few notable things which happened lately,

1. I got offered to write a guest post in a leading online newspaper from India.

2. I got asked by a community nurse here in Australia to address the issue of isolation felt by Indian mothers who deliver their child in a foreign country.

3. I was asked to write an article for a university-project about the importance of Indian traditional attire and to share my thoughts and opinions on what can be done to help in keeping up the tradition of Indian clothes in western countries.

4. My blog got picked up by few websites like


5. Last but not the least, my subscribers list has grown enormously and I receive lot of emails every day from different parts of the world asking for my suggestions.

My Belief: The responsibility that follows post success – the commitment to the process, is what needs to be done to sustain the success.

Message to budding bloggers:

I am not exaggerating if I said; my life has changed drastically ever since I’ve started blogging.
My blog has brought me focus, clarity and confidence in both my professional and personal life.

To be honest, initially I feared that I might be ridiculed, mocked at and taken lightly. I read that
In order to get beyond fear, you have to lean into it.”

Build something of your own that your passionate about give your everything to it. Don’t be scared that you might not be successful. If you’re passionate about your blogging career then you’ll find your way through it to make it successful. :)

A list of inspirational blogs which helped me in setting up my blog can be found here http://australiacalling.com.au/4-inspirational-blogs-ive-been-reading/

Neelima from www.australiacalling.com.au


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  1. Parth Dalal March 25, 2015 at 11:19 am Reply

    Hello Neelima,

    Hoep you are doing well.

    I recently happen to read your blog. 


    I am from India and looking for some guidance to get shifted to Australia. I am married and a registered pharmacist here. 


    Please reply.




    Parth Dalal

  2. Shalini Mishra March 26, 2017 at 7:08 am Reply











    Hi Neelima

    Glad I came across your blog and u are doing great works. I was net surfing on information as I am moving to Melbourne from India in July 2017 on a PR visa. I was looking for a blog which could provide a packing list before shifting to a new country which would include all basic requirements for 1-2 months in new place. Also was reading to understand culture and lifestyle there. It would be big help if I can provide any references to read or information.


    • Neelima April 5, 2017 at 1:30 am Reply

      Hi Shalini,

      Nice to meet you. Happy to know that you will be moving to australia soon. I will definitely post a blog on “What to pack when moving abroad” soon.

      Good luck for your future. :)



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