Abandoned by life

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Failing is important as it teaches far more valuable things then your success. so if you've been denied a promotion, a job offer or just didn't win the lottery thank yourself as you just received an important advise or lesson from the universe. 

In failure, you may feel that you're abandoned by life, by loved ones, by family and friends. But if someone abandoned you because you failed then the truth is right there staring at you, they are not your friends or loved ones. so thank the universe for showing you the truth.  :)

so at times like this, how do you cope when you have no one to lean on? especially when you're away from your family in a different country, more so if your an immigrant student.

Each individual should come up with their own coping mechanism. Like for example, to me, it was blogging. I came back to my writing /blog and thankfully it kicked off really well with the support I received from my readers.  Here's some advice from my experience;

1. Never try to make new friends when your feeling alone. 

Try to indulge in a hobby or a social activity or volunteering and in the process, you will eventually make friends. if you rush every time you feel alone and try to make friends most of the times you'll end up with wrong company and end up being more hurt.

2. Create something meaningful.

Everyone has the power to create. it could be a poem, or a beautiful piece of art or a new shelf. creating gives you the satisfaction, the power and makes you feel fulfilled.

3. Music 

music has the healing power. listen to good music

4. Have a routine: 

Might sound silly but it's actually very important to have a routine. set a time aside for your hobby, for your job efforts, for relaxation, for exercise, for reading etc. Having a routine will bring your focus back to the present moment rather than wandering away or worrying about what would happen in the future. 

5. Be persistent: When you fail, make it a point to get up and get going. Persistence is the key, if you're persistent in your efforts then someday definitely you'll be successful 

Lastly, be happy in the present moment if you live each day happily eventually happiness follows and with it the success and everything else. 

If you're feeling stuck with anything don't hesitate to shoot me an email at neelimadavuluri@gmail.com. I would be happy to listen/help.

Until next week, bye and keep smiling!

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