Monthly Archives: June 2013

Beautiful, Connected, Lively – That’s only one side of the story.

There is nothing more inspirational than watching a woman shine with strength. And when we see a woman who is… Continue reading »

The night I was up late, surfing Facebook…

The night I was up late, surfing Facebook… Looking at the photos of my school mates, college friends, ex colleagues,… Continue reading »

Refugee – A Short Story.

A girl of many talents , a charmer, yet so modest. I met Harshitha by chance and soon discovered that… Continue reading »

REFUGEE – A Short Story (Read Online)

  REFUGEE   I went through a lot of pain and suffering. I wasn’t completely alone of course but during… Continue reading »

Can I put a ding in the universe?

I’ve been procrastinating. Going back to where I was before I started blogging. I’ve been asking myself this question, “What… Continue reading »

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